napowrimo day 13

by larapayne

I went with the prompt, a ghazal.

Night Ghazal

Rivers have always been close. Water that moves
swiftly after rain comforts on sleepless nights.

Explore new streets as if a squirrel. Eyes up,
gravity aware, escape into trees at night.

Alone for a month, learn the city buildings
by their rooftops, watch for sunrise all night.

These books meander. You, architect
balance piles of titles beside your rest tonight.

There are other ways to design a web.
You laugh with friends, at your best this night.

Uncover your favorite tale, fossil
of your naïve days, atlas of night.

Was she fiery, the friend you travelled
furthest for? A wedding in Italy’s night.

Loss is a cavern you’d rather not revisit.
Remembrance of the last kiss, that night.

Be my umbrella, in sun, rain and snow. I, wife
learn to love even the hours of latest night.