napowrimo day 14

by larapayne

how appropriate- a sonnet prompt on day 14!

I am certain this will be revised when I have more time, we’ve barely been home today.

The Growing Season

Sun continues, the bees move to the next
flower, as strawberry plants unpetal
into berries. Is there always a subtext,
the thing beneath the thing? How the pistil

will come to hold pollen if opened
properly. Fruit, indeterminate
as the heirloom tomato I happened
to taste at our favorite farmer’s market.

Indeterminate: not known in advance,
not leading to a definite end.
Tomatoes will bloom, set fruit and ripen
all at the same time. Do we, too, depend

on nature’s best deadline, winter’s first snow?
Human fertility’s curse: that we know.