napowrimo day 18

by larapayne

I am going with today’s prompt, a lullaby
Wow, not so easy to write!!!

Garden Lullaby

my dearest darlingest child,
the sun has gone to her house
as we are safe and warm inside
our own small and loving house

the seeds we planted today
need time before they can grow
one day we will pick a bouquet
but first there must be growth below

Sun’s Mama has called her inside,
remember how we watched her go?
Imagine her bed, its golden sides
as her cat curls up, by her feet, low.

Hear the rain as it starts to fall
how our seeds do need that water.
Pea, carrot, and sunflower all
must rest. See the garden plot there?

My darling, my beloved child
even the birds no longer peep.
Pray spring will continue, mild.
But for now, it is time to sleep.