napowrimo day 25

by larapayne

I’ve been having my students lead workshops(to prepare them for arts outreach) and this poem came from an exercise a student brought in. It is a partially found poem, in that she cut up a poem and gave each of us one stanza. I didn’t know the author or poem, and this is what I came up with, with the words I was given. Link to actual poem is below. I didn’t revise after reading the poem, as I didn’t want any accidental influence.

Piano Small

Cast the heart to clamor.
A remembrance betrays my singer
child. A great burst betrays.
The feet weep, softly the winter
strings a mother pressing under dusk
with piano small spite. The child
guided under hymns of manhood.
Poised back to Sunday
the parlor woman
old, like Sunday, cosy.
Sitting, the child smiles upon
the apassionate evenings that bloom.
Days vista down back
to a mastery of myself.

found in words from dh lawrence’s poem the piano