heat wave poem

Heat Wave, base ingredients

Three days without power, I am in love
with fans and the ability to open and close
the refrigerator door with abandon

my body the same temperature
as the air, 90 feels like a relief
cold water after thirst

in spring every green was known, named
now this overgrown abundance
Separate crabgrass from the bolting arugula
wait for seeds

We pull violet roots and discard
a mint scent pervades
a young praying mantis leaps

the mosquito full of blood
before I see it alight on my toddler’s face
controlled reaction

the first flower
the first I love you

sweet milk laced with cardamom
in the face of a sudden rain

neighbors run after the trash trucks,
all of us in our nightclothes

Luxury: an heirloom tomato a dash of salt.
Summer brings us storms, a sudden
awareness of all we depend upon

to make life comfortable. Pare me down
to this: unasked for declarations of love,
a hint of breeze, and a sweet taste,