napowrimo day 1

by larapayne

Here we are, back to another Napowrimo. Last year I barely got poems in before the baby came.
Here I am, ready to try, (hesitantly, aware I will fail, some days) to write a poem every day. These fledgling tries are just that, me trying out ideas and words. Some of them may make it to real poem ness. Most will live here, only. Please bear with me.
I love reading comments, I love getting feedback, and I love the idea of finding others who are giving this crazy poem a day thing a whirl.

Day 1

whisper moon

Only because called
do I venture out into the darkness
so tired
I am sleep-deprived tipsy when I arrive to the tipsy table.

I neglect to mention the moon, this moon
thin as a whisper.
Pale, almost a cloud,
but curved in that familiar just beginning to smile
shape. The whole drive over
I thought
is that really there?

And then it wasn’t.
Lately I seem to speak so quietly
after the sun sets.

I almost forgot what it is like to be driving under a moon.
Night freedom.
How you drive over hills, under trees, and past cars
and the moon, faithful, waits for you.
Even while you forget it was ever here.