napowrimo day 7

by larapayne

Impatient, we watch the rain gather

where we want to be sitting. Some

weather delivers a clear message: find

other amusements. Unmake

the bed. Let the child build a fort

instead of picking up her toys. Watch

the baby stand without realizing she

is standing. And then fall once she realizes

she is up. Over and over. The radio tells me

that repetition is pleasant, and will breed

familiarity and joy. Stuck

in the drudgery of cook and clean,

with a backdrop of cry, I try

I really do, to embrace some of the joy

they report. Dip the spoon in the food,

spoon the food into the mouth. Mix

more food. Take the pillows from the floor

fort, and remake the bed. Listen to the un-

cry-filled air. Finally. The rain continues

into the night.