napowrimo day 22

by larapayne

(in which the author visits a place most rare(for her), indeed)

seeking symmetry

Sometimes someone else
has to tell you what you like. This
time, it was my high school art
teacher. You like symmetry, she said, symmetry

is pleasing, but rarely true in nature. And
she was partially right. I do like symmetry,
and my trees were way too symmetrical. Though
rarely achieving it fully, I think
nature loves symmetry. So does

Wes Anderson. I just spent two hours,
in the dark, watching a movie. This is
a ridiculously decadent thing for me
to do. Two hours, not working,
not cooking, or cleaning, or caring
for anyone. For awhile, in the late

90’s, I was obsessed with the game
Tetris. I was pretty good. However,
when I noticed that the game
continued to show in my head,
even while falling asleep: connected squares
falling and fitting into place, I knew it was time
to stop. So I did, cold turkey. Sometimes

I think the life of a breastfeeding mother
who works(even a little) is like a game of Tetris.
I am aware of every hour. When
the baby will sleep, or wake, when she last
nursed. Add in preschool, bedtime,
laundry, teaching, cooking, etc. You see
what I mean. So, the feat of engineering it took
to get me into this theatre was rather

impressive. This world unfurls
for me, pretty as a storybook drawn
by an artist who loves symmetry. Characters
are always centered. Funiculars climb
mountains.  Rooms frame people. Uniforms
are almost as one would see on the street. Everything
feels almost unreal. Prettier than life,
I guess. But so lovely, and somehow,
so true.