summer day poem

Nothing makes me more appreciative of the small joys of life than having both children fall sick. Last week was so stressful, and I just thought longingly of lazy days, even those punctuated with all of the highs and lows of spending 12 hours with a toddler and almost kindergartener (oh, the drama, crying, bickering, and whining).. The girls were better on Monday and I was ripe with readiness for a simple day.

A good summer day

Everyone is well again. The rain
cleared, our friends joined us,
we shared food and the children played.
I read two poems and half of an article,
crying was minimal
and no one threw sand. Naps
were good. Refried beans with cheese
and tortillas make a perfect after nap meal.
The avocado was perfect. The muffins rose
wonderfully. The toddler wanted
to get out of her high hair so she could dance.
We all danced and jumped and sang. We laughed.
The skies stayed clear and we rode to the pool,
friends were there. We went to the changing room,
got naked and dressed. We went in the pool and practiced
swimming. Friends sat at the table beside us.
We were hungry and we ate again. We shared food,
some of it from our garden. My husband joined us,
more playing, more talking. Our friend gave us coins
from another country, we lined them up and looked
at the shiny pictures. On the ride home D said, for the first time,
“I love that” and laughed as usual as we rode down the hill.
We sang on the ride home. Fireflies pulsing in the grass.