midsummer poem, at the end of the year

I was looking through old drafts and found a rough draft of this poem, first penned 18 months ago. I cleaned it up a bit yesterday, and present it here. Let me know what you think!

wing and chicory

sky cup
generous expansion
momentary awareness
where does the river flow?
all knowledge still waiting

the self submerged
a certain lassitude as midsummer nears
relaxation. the bones untightening
sometimes I ask myself if happiness
is a choice

how bright the bird
even sunlight seems to envy
someday I will paint a goldfinch dancing with a bluebird
and call it ‘the sun loved the sky’

each leaf a cup
water gathers and flows
sometimes it seems that what I love most
is what she doesn’t yet know

the cucumbers hangs
gathers water and sunlight beneath a deep green skin

at times she is so determined to reach me
I feel she could swim through air
how yearning becomes an arrow within the body

to be a bird and barely weight the tree
to know that all I must do to provide comfort is touch her